Nox Player Vs. Bluestacks: Which is the Best Android Emulator

Nox Player VS Bluestacks: Do you want to know which is the best Android emulator as of today? If yes, continue reading to know more of the comparison between the two of the most popular emulators – the Nox Player and Bluestacks.

Nox Player VS Bluestacks

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An emulator is a computer program which has the capability to simulate a system. It is commonly used in running Android or mobile applications on PC. Two of the most popular emulators today is the Nox Player and Bluestacks.

These emulators have their own special features to function well. However, not all are a fan of Nox Player nor Bluestacks. That is the reason why we made this comparison to know which of them is the best. We will also include the similarities and differences between these two.

If you haven’t decided yet on which of the Android emulators you will get, this post would definitely help you.

Nox Player VS Bluestacks

Here, we decided to focus on the five characteristics of Nox Player and Bluestacks: price, file download size, user interface, performance and stability, and key features.

#1. Price

Nox Player and Bluestacks are free to download and install on your PC. However, Bluestacks offers a premium version which allows you to access some of its features such as changing the wallpaper. While Nox is completely free and you do not have to spend in using it to full extent.

#2. File Size

When we talk about the file size of Nox Player and Bluestacks, they both come in large size. Nox Player is 314 MB while Bluestacks in 435 MB in size.

Considering the size of both emulators, it is better to get the Nox Player if your computer is running the minimum system requirements and has a smaller storage.

#3. User Interface

By just looking at the user interface of Nox Player and Bluestacks, you can distinguish right away which is easy to use. It is one of the factors users are looking at before downloading any application. If the UI is quite confusing, the user will find it hard to navigate.

Nox Player’s interface is quite hard to understand. There is a toolbar on the right side which all the tools are located. You will only know the use of these tools once you click on them.

On the other hand, Bluestacks has a very simple interface. You can look at it as if you are looking on your Android phone.

#4. Performance and Stability

Nox Player is faster to install and load on a computer since it is smaller than Bluestacks. When you install and launch Nox on your PC, you will wait for less than a minute to finish installing. While Bluestacks requires you to wait for up to 5 minutes when installing plus another 5 minutes when starting the engine.

When it comes to speed, Bluestacks performs better than Nox. When you run multiple instances in Nox Player, the performance become worse.

Stability wise, Bluestacks is more stable than Nox Player. It is based on the test we have made when we install same apps to both emulators. As a result, Nox slowed down and crashes while Bluestacks maintained its good performance.

#5. Key Features

  • Nox Player and Bluestacks can both run on multiple platforms.
  • They have pre-installed Google Play Store which allows the user to install apps instantly.
  • They both allow installation of APK files or apps from other sources like third-party sites.
  • These two emulators are perfect for gamers who want to play online games on a wider screen.
  • Supports theme customization (change theme, wallpaper, and skins)

In Conclusion

That’s the basic things you should know regarding Nox Player VS Bluestacks. We are not in the right place to tell which is better to download because it all depends on the preference of the users. We hope this simple comparison helped you on deciding which one to get on your PC.

If you have any comment and suggestion, feel free to reach us. We are also open to all your opinions regarding the Nox Player and Bluestacks.